I have found one of my slaves who has until this point been enslaved under my pits.

Groomed by my sweat pits and my cum I have rewarded him with kisses and affection.

We live in the gym + in my bed.. Nowhere else, but I begin to notice resistance. With POWER I try to retake you with a pit show.. But it is time to raise the bar with something even more powerful than my own CUM.

This bond between us will last forever, I order you to sit down in my tub and demand you start to kiss my muscular cock.

I instruct you to use your tongue to tickle the bottom of the head to get me hard.. Resisting again and again I see your identity returning.

QUICKLY, PROMPTLY, EASILY you are resumed under my control by unleashing my greatest gift yet – a thick stream of golden piss and cum straight at your face..

I regain control, with the warm juice falling off your face you accept the gift with complete submission, and are ordered to wear it for the rest of the WEEK!

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