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I love leather, I love the feel of it, especially when its together with shit loads of oil.

It gets me worked up.. Horny in no time.

As the oil is pushed into my pecs, biceps and abs with the smooth application of my lovely leather gloves I get sexually aggressive in a record time..

When someone is in front of me, like you. You know someone who REALLY knows how to take care of a muscled guy, it’s even fucking better.

Please rub the oil in around my gorgeous body, please don’t miss an inch.

I can’t help myself but takeover and use my masculine armpits to seduce you and get you exactly where I want you. on your KNEES in front of me.

As I watch you stroke you’re dick watch me pour lube onto my fat cock and stroke it with my leather glove until I spurt a massive load of cum allover the gloves.. Then lick them clean 😉