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Lycra on my body, on my skin is so hot to me, I love it as tight as it gets, so tight my nipples are poking through screaming for you to just nibble on..

I can feel every inch of my muscle rubbing on the lycra and as it does it turns me on. It makes me hard, it makes me horny, dominant and AGGRESSIVE.

I love tensing in my lycra, I love making everyone feel SMALL in my lycra. In the mind frame it puts me in I’m here to dominate you, I’m here to have you submit and I’m here to enjoy every second of it.

As you suck my nipples, lick my biceps, lick every ab I have I get more and more excited and I make you a proposition..

If I have a wank, I’m so fucking horny. I’ll let you lick my alpha male cum of the mirror, in fact. We can lick it up together.

What the fuck does lycra do to me…