14:30 (Mins:Sec)

Welcome round to my place, I’ve just finished training both my biceps and triceps so fucking hard, ready for you to get your mouth around them.

I need you to kiss every inch of my gorgeous muscular frame, I want you to suck on my massive masculine pecs and sexy juicy nipples.

I want you to find every cut and vein with your tongue and lick it from top to bottom.

I know the ultimate goal of yours is to service me, so if you worship my body from head to toe, ill allow you to suck my cock dry.

Without even touching it, my dick gets fat – I think it’s just the thought of your mouth around my cock after you’ve finished worshiping my big sexy muscular frame.

Perhaps it’s time, I’m ready for you to suck my cock dry, I like to reward those who know how to appreciate my adonis muscle.