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By pure chance you and me are staying in the same hotel – again!

And thank you for inviting me over to your room 😉

I’m one of those people that loves to be in company, a special type of company. Your company.

And what a pair we make, I’ve got the muscle. You’ve got the hands, mouth and even tongue 😉

We do what we always do when we have our hotel catch ups – I’m not allowed past the hallway until i’ve shown you how much i’ve grown!

I give you what you want, hard, vascular, intense oiled up flexing.

And you give me what I want, my muscles licked. My cock sucked.

And at the end we both get what we BOTH want… it’s our secret, but i’ll give you a hint, it ends up being a sticky mess all over my abs.

You and I, always bumping into each other, you call it luck. I call it fate, we are a match made in heaven 😉