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I know you missed me, I definitely missed you.

I’m just out of a long, hot soapy bath where i’ve relaxed all my muscles, mind and joints ready for you to continue the tender loving care.

I’ve already soaped every inch of me, but i’m out the bath now, in my gown – wanting you.

Wanting you to make me feel special, make my pecs feel special.

I’ve been on my own for a few days now and i’m starting to feel lonely… I have a space only you can fill.

Your cock between my pecs, surrounding it with ease. I even put lube between my pecs so I can use them as a tool to show you how much I have missed you.

I pump up and up and up to make sure you know my body wants you, it needs you. I want your cock between my pecs, and I never want to miss you again.