12:17 (Mins:Sec)

Do you like held into submission and controlled into orgasm?

I’ve got a massive muscular hunk of a body, and every inch of muscle on it is here to control you and put you in your place.

I dominate you while I’m in my singlet, I lift my arms and tempt you in with my masculine armpits.

I show off my power by using my wrestling ability to lock you on the floor, throw you in holds so you can’t move while my musky alpha male pits sap your free will.

As you start to fill up with my smell, you will know what it’s like to be under control by a real muscle god.

Come closer, lick my biceps, suck on my pecs. Keep doing it until I tell you that I am done!

You’re never allowed to forget how I overpower you on the floor. The sight of my balls hanging over my singlet and my cock shooting high and hard in the sky will stick in your memory like glue.

I’m going to cum on you, and you’re not allowed to wash it off, just like you’re not allowed to stop smelling of my alpha armpits!