15:13 (Mins:Sec)

Just like in the meet up planned for us, have me in close quarters stripping down for you from my dress shirt and tie down to my tiny white underwear.

Nothing is hotter than a man turning himself on whilst stripping down, feeling his own gorgeous shredded body as the clothes come off.

I demand to be oiled up and rubbed down, I want your smooth hands to give me a rub down that I deserve.

The thought of you getting uncontrollably excited as you rub oil into my hairy shredded body is just too much for both of us.

As soon as I see your cock gets hard it spurs me on to start moving my naked hips to seduce you further.

I spin around showing you my bum while I play with my cock and balls between my fingers to stimulate every inch possible, before I throw my black shirt back on and pump my cock to the edge.

Hearing you telling me how sexy I am, how muscled I am, how shredded I am whilst you continue to rub the oil around my body and around my cock is too much for me to not blow however much I try to stay on the edge.

One final beg from you, and I blow my load into the air like a fountain ready for you to lick from my body.