Full Video 11:38 (Mins:Sec)

Sometime last year, Jeff invited me over for dinner. Things got heated, and we can just say during a bit of RAUNCHY action he ended up with a bad neck, and a neck brace!

I saw him wearing it around town, enjoying it – but LYING about how he received it! I overheard him saying even a chiropractor couldn’t readjust it.

I loved listening about the fake stories. Fake Whiplash.. The truth being far from it!

But now with his neck brace gone, I lure him back to mine. Seductively, alluringly.

Before I know it my ALPHA MUSCLE-GOD pride takes back over, I am down to my jockstrap and Jeff is frozen with fear on his knees.

I get what I want, I take what I want and I grab both our thick necks with my raw alpha power, defenceless he allows me to pleasure myself by crushing his windpipe AGAIN.

Jeff is truly left in his inferior place…