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It’s simple really. Flexing my muscles makes me fucking horny, makes me fucking excited and most importantly makes me HARD.

I love it when i’m able to rock my vest, or topless. And able to show of my glorious, wide, muscular physique.

When I compare myself with another person who thinks they have muscle, I show them what muscle REALLY looks like.

I am arrogant, cocky and dominant and i’m talking directly to you. Be seduced by my sexy veiny biceps and my dinner plate like pecs.

I tense harder, and harder until the veins start to explode.. and my cock starts to get hard. The more muscles that I tense, the more I tense those muscles the hornier my entire body gets, and the harder my cock gets.

Join my in sniffing my beautiful pits, bury you’re face into my glorious armpits, before you lick each and every one of my ab grooves, all the way down to my now very hard cock.