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I love being an alpha male, a superior male. I do whatever the fuck I want, when I want to who I want.

I’m wearing a brand new outfit bought for me by Silvan, he loves a decadent man, a cocky man. And by fuck was he in for a treat with me.

I am extremely verbal, vulgar, nasty & cocky about everything and everyone. Total alpha mind frame and physique to go with it.

I destroy everything i’m wearing, crush my glasses, smash my watch. Rip my vest from the seems, and rip my trousers in half. I even fuck up my shoes.

Every rip turns me on, so I do my top and trousers inch by inch. After i’ve ripped everything off, flexed like a king and shown complete dominance I am left turned ON!

Each rip and cut gives me a little mini orgasm, moaning so I am all fuelled to blow a massive load for you.