20:35 (Mins:Sec)

My army is continuing to grow and In it I have my inner most circle slaves in my daily life. I do whatever I want with them and they are at my every command.

I notice someones free will is starting to return, I can’t have that.

I scold my slave and remind him that he is forever my property, I laugh at him trying to remind himself that he is straight.

I decide to remind him that he is submitted to me, and that it is permanent.

I flex, get pumped up and worked up as much as I can so there’s as much sweat on my body as possible, and I double it up with baby oil. I have this inferior slave lick every inch of sweat from my body before I take off my boxer shorts.

A touch of piss on my boxer shorts is all it takes before I ram it down his throat to remind him who’s the master of this relationship.

I tell him that it’s a meal prepared for naughty boys, and desert is my big fat muscular cock. To finish him off, I have him service me and at this point his free will is completely gone again and he is once again under my control.