12:41 (Mins:Sec)

I love it when you come to submit, to be humiliated and to beg for whats underneath my muscular arms.

I know you want to be controlled by my pure alpha stench which is most pungent in my armpits.

Whats your favourite pose? I am pretty sure I can guess.

My veins are sticking out, my muscles are bulging both of which are making you go weak at the knees

My big masculine pits can you feel yourself submitting, can you sense the control coming towards you?

I do the most controlling, masculine muscle poses you can imagine and your free will is on its way out the window.

Beg me, beg me to keep lifting my arms up while my cocks hard pointing to the sky, standing over you like an adonis statue.

Do you think your life would improve after a massive solid pool of my thick cum down the back of your throat? Why don’t you find out and get your weeks worth of protein from me.