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After my daring escape I return to headquarters for an intense, in depth debriefing.

Still wearing my ratty prison garb filled with rips and tears from my savage torture I describe how what was done to me.

Geting excited I brag about not giving up my information but still having completed the assigned task, how is this possible? EASY – by being so superior to my captor.

Drenched with oil I lured my captor into a false sense of security allowing him to fancy me, instead of torture me. My pure alpha sexiness was the key, the movement of my snake hips combined with the power generated from tensing each and every one of my muscles was no match for his inferior self, completely seduced.

He was completely seduced even before I used my dick to completely distract him. Before he knew it, I escaped naked with my dick still hard bouncing up and down, the sight was just too much to chase me. I knew victory was mine.