14:22 (Mins:Sec)

You and I are good friends, you love the fact i’m a bodybuilder and you ask if I could come round, flex pose and completely show off – just to you.

I arrive to you just in the nick of time, you’re so in the mood for worshipping some rock hard bulging muscles!

Turns out I’m not just in the mood for that, but also in the mood to talk absolutely fucking filthy, I love it when your cock gets hard as you caress and adore my muscles.

I am a few months out of a bodybuilding competition, and you fucking love it. I go all out in front of you, tensing, straining and talking filthy because I want your cock hard as you admire me.

As I suck and lick my biceps, and ask you to do the same to me, I get hard, when I get hard all I want to do is cum, cum for you.