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My mouth is as filthy as my actions. I love attention and love being the most cocky scally around.

Of course dressed in the best, best nike’s out – best top out. Everything i’m wearing is fucking sexy.

I’m smoking, because I want to, it makes me feel good, and I know when people are staring at me, it’s even more so when a cigarette is in my hand.

No matter where I am, everyone always stares. My scally mouth doesn’t match up to my muscle bound body. There is no other chav like me, they are all fucking inferior to my superior alpha frame.

If I wanna call you a name, If I wanna make you do something – you fucking do it.

My muscles are pumped, my skin is peeled, i’m oiled up and feeling fucking sexy.

I know you want to see the cock that it’s in my pants but I don’t know if you deserve it, should I give you the fucking privilege of a lifetime?