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You come to see me while i’m wearing a long sleeve shirt & my casual dress pants.

I look you right in the eye throughout and goad you, “you wanna piece of me you stupid fuck”?

I start gyrating my hips slowly while running my hands all over my body with more cocky verbal “you like that huh?”

Gyrating faster and goading you into wanting to fuck me, you want to fuck me don’t you?

I begin thrusting, hard and fast, both stood up and on the floor. Just like I would be smashing your tight little ass in, while all the way through reminding you that ‘Well fucker you ain’t getting it!”

I continue to talk smack to you while i deny you the privilege of my cock inside you, instead you are forced to watch the intense pleasure on my face as I jerk my big fat alpha cock off while you’re on your knees in front of me.