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Arrogance can be confused with confidence, maybe even cockiness too.

But when you’ve got what i’ve got, I can back it up.

My large biceps, especially when my veins are pushing through my shirts.

Hot bouncing pecs, distracting everyone.

Shredded abs, visible with or WITHOUT a top.

I know when someone wants to touch a part of my body, and I play on it.

I’ve got an epic bullshit detector too, so I know EXACTLY what part of me, or what to say. To get what I Want

Come and tell me that i’ve got the most alpha manly pits out of any man you’ve ever seen and it’l get me going..

Only a true alpha male know’s that armpits submit weaker males. So tell me how hot they are… And see what you get in return.

Arrogance makes me dominant, submissive behaviour makes me horny. Both of these make my cock hard.