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Take My Alpha Cock

Most of the guys I meet up with just want to explore my body, worship my massive muscles and suck my rock hard Alpha cock for me until they get my cum load, but then there are guys like James. We'd had a few meetings before things got really wild. I spent a long time teasing him and making him wait. He would come over and watch me, sitting on my couch, rubbing his solid [...]

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My Gay Muscle Cock Worshiper

As soon as I waked into the room I could feel his eyes on me. I'd planned everything well, down to the clothes I chose for the meeting. I'd been to the gym that morning so I was pumped, my massive arms bulging out of a tight white t-shirt far too small for me but stretchy enough to pass. The mounds of my pecs bulged and twitched, my abs clearly visible through the taut cotton. [...]

2020-01-16T11:37:31+00:00 January 16th, 2020 11:37 am|

Guys Love A Cocky Muscle Dom

You guys know I say what I mean and I mean what I say. I'm not one to fuck around and play games, unless the games are a part of what I'm doing with a guy. Some people think I'm arrogant, but I don't care, I know that a cocky muscle dom like me can get away with a lot when we say what's on our mind. My body gets the attention, my mouth draws [...]

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Muscle Pec Domination

All it takes is a little flexing and most guys are fascinated by my massive pecs. They might not even know why they find it so hot, but they all want to feel me and explore and I know their cock is getting chubby while they do. When I take my shirt off the muscle pec domination truly begins. Just seeing my power through a thin shirt is enough but once they have potential access [...]

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