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Your Alpha muscle top needs a tight hole

A lot of the time the guys who come to worship me are all about exploring my body and cock, obeying my orders and working my meat for me while they admire my power and strength. It's all about the jacking and sucking for most of them, but you would be surprised how many of those curious submissive guys are willing to go all the way to please a man like me. Alex is one [...]

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Muscle cock edging by the Window Cleaner

Guys have all kinds of fantasies, and I've probably heard all of them at least once. Being a big Alpha muscle guy a lot of the fantasies I hear from guys are about being dominated by a powerful man in either a position of authority like a cop or military, or being seduced by a hard working hunk who needs to get off. You know I love any fantasy that involves a guy appreciating my [...]

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Verbal cock play domination from a real Alpha

A few weeks ago this guy got in touch with me after another dude I know sent him my number. I got a few pics from him and I was pretty impressed, this guy is almost as big as I am. Almost. He works as a doorman, he's got a military background, and if you know anything about the kinds of guys I happen to meet you're probably already guessing that he's into being dominated [...]

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Beg for my Alpha Cock

You guys already know that I get a lot of attention when I'm out, right? When I'm at the gym, or the pub, I get a lot of looks. It's mostly guys wanting to be me, but I've learned to tell the difference between that and curiosity or cock lust. A couple of days ago I was at the pub with a buddy of mine and this other guy was getting a good look. My [...]

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