Bicep Smeared With Muscle Cum

What's better than seeing my incredible vascular biceps bulging? How about them being smeared with fresh muscle cum straight from my cock? I love the feel of semen smeared over my muscles, warm and gooey. The smell of it turns me on so much, especially when I've been performing and working up a sweat in front of an obedient viewer like you. We work into it slowly, with me showing you how I like to [...]

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You want my lycra cock bulge?

Nothing gets more attention than a big lycra cock bulge, and of course it helps that the rest of my incredible body is awesome too. I first learned how hot it is to show off in some really tight gear when I bought some new shorts for the gym. I loved the feel of it, so I started getting some really tight tops to wear too, with themes like Superman and Batman. Ever since then [...]

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Bodybuilder cum squirting in a private show

You would be surprised how common it is for guys in the competitive physique world to be into muscle worship themselves. We might all look like we're the ones to do all the dominating while other lads admire us and appreciate our form, but there are a lot of guys I've met at events and contests over the years who really get off on the show too. One of the best guys was Pete. He [...]

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Leather muscle hunk cums hard and messy

It's been a while since I took my bike out on the road, but now the weather has cooled down I can get my denim and leather muscle look back and start showing off again. You know me, I love getting so much attention. I look damn good when I'm bulging out of my tight jeans, my big boots on my feet, my giant shoulders stretching out the leather across my back. It doesn't matter [...]

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