I LOVE to dominate. I LOVE to control. My body screams out for attention and there are plenty of people out there who are willing give it to me. They want my massive pecs; my shredded abs; my pumped up, vascular guns….they want ALL OF ME! But that honour has to be earned. I don’t just give it away - that would be too easy! This latest video shows how I can do just that [...]

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He wanted me smoking.. He didn't need to ask twice! The very act made me feel even MORE ALPHA, MORE DOMINANT and MORE CONTROLLING! That cigarette poured through my massive, shredded body and empowered me totally! He was NOTHING…I was EVERYTHING! But it wasn’t just the smoking he wanted. He also ached for my HUGE PUMPED BICEPS! A fetish that centred on one of my amazing body parts? I was happy to oblige! I LOVE [...]

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