COCKY NAKED MUSCLEBOY Love that Decadent Muscle Hunk? This Ones For You... The video I filmed this morning was fucking epic, it will be the mid-week fix up of your MUSCLE FUELLED orgasm.. and all week all I have is absolute SCORCHERS... Makes me happy :)

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Youtube edit embedded.. HOT Preview CLICKABLE :) Naughty sexy, very seductive role-play :) now to get cracking with some more ;)

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Again.. Youtube embedded.. HOT Preview CLICKABLE :) No Mercy When Im Defending You I return home.. I find bullies left right and centre. They want to escapeā€¦ But I begin to exact my revenge with no mercy, don't mess with any of my mates

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Muscle Sunday

Lots of hot filming for me.. First ill be hitting the gym for a brutal whole body session.. I want every inch of my body pumped, vascular and SCREAMING out for worship... ...Perhaps a steak for dinner after a day of horny action if anyones joining me ;)

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