Next instalment..I am going ALL OUT

Working day, but after I have the most intense workout of my life (trained by a friend who's rocking a 320lb frame) I will be using a cocktail of pre and post workout drinks and alike to ensure maximum PUMP and vascularity, and this is going to come across in the next video.. BIG Time... PLEASE keep tuned for the next instalment I'm really going ALL OUT

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And Added…

Been coding last few hours, i've been on call for my day job all over xmas but have ensured that updates have been here!! as this year rolls out and the next moves in the on call is to be dropped as its too much, I way prefer this just finalising the shop addition before I dart to the gym for a brutal full body with an emphasis on legs session... Gonna be sweat [...]

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Bunny Boiler

Shop & Members Area RIGHT NOW! Embedded 'cold' preview in this blog post thats youtube safe..but i've created a playlist on the front page of all my recent previews.. Bunny Boiler is #1 or find it on the PRODUCT page

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