PEC interrogation…and travel tommorow

Joshua doesn't like to be lied to. He will use the power of his muscles to get you to tell him the truth, and to get anything else he wants from you! PEC Interrogation is this particular weakness business cards landed..ridiculously awesome vests check.. travel for my 6am sunday flight, be snapping away for insta :) :)

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Josh straddling the chair like he owns the place…

SIGNUP TO STREAM EVERY SINGLE VIDEO FOR AS LOW AS $19.95 ;) full video available in the shop to download & free for members to stream over and over .. NOW Prepare for tommorows video..jesus its a long , strong one!!! the previews going to be much longer too and available for youtube as i want to start putting more free stuff out so more people can enjoy without having to open the wallet CANNOT [...]

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ibiza plans

So i just got 2000 business cards printed out!! i am taking them with me to ibiza for the 3 days im there.. im going to be wearing VERY little, taking lots of mini videos and photos and really enjoying myself when trying to spread the word about the value here :) :) if you see me! come give me a hug!! be recording new videos after my day job tommorow, so will get [...]

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Double Trouble!!

two videos embedded here from my youtube chan..the previews in the shop view are tastier than the youtube ones though! these are roleplay giant videos, ive got more maintstream in the pipeline for thursday :) keep updated for the upcoming events!! Josh xxx

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