No matter how you look at it, my life revolves around one one major element..MUSCLE! It’s been like this for over 11 years now ever since I used to sneak into the gym at school even though I was really too young to do so! I knew even back then that I had the potential to be something GREAT…and I think I’ve proven that beyond any shadow of doubt. I live in a “WORLD OF MUSCLE”!

My lads love my body. They love my face. They LOVE JOSH! I fulfil every fantasy they need to satisfy. Just knowing how hard I work in the gym is enough for some! They love the idea of this muscleman’s body being trained, grown and improved. The pecs get bigger. The shoulders become more boulderlike. The abs get deeper and deeper. Quads become thicker and Glutes get more rounded and firmer than ever before. Every bodypart developed to perfection! This true ALPHAGOD knows what they want and is willing to give it all to long as they do as they are told.

This new video shows you just that. Rippling muscles covered in slick oil shining and posing for someone very special. The buildup is intense and powerful; the end is explosive! Can you last that long?

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