Wherever I go and whatever I do, I seem to the be centre of attention. Whether it be at the office, in the supermarket or in the gym, people’s eyes always gravitate towards me. I don’t mean to sound vain but I’ve come to expect it too..and I love it! As a specimen of the Human Race, I’m a pretty good example of how Homo Sapiens should truly look. I’m pretty good-looking but there’s a lot more to me that always grabs the attention of the ordinary man in the street..and you know exactly what I’m talking about. Just look at me yourself – right now.

Let’s be truthful here; have you ever seen a more powerful and muscular man in your life? Have you ever truly run your eyes over such a vision of male muscled perfection? It’s not only my body though; my attitude and physical presence are so imposing that once I gain the attention of someone they find it impossible to look away. The balance, the symmetry and the density of my muscular frame is totally captivating! People can’t get enough of my massive boulder shoulders. They want to feast their eyes and more on my thick, dinner plate pectorals. My bulging biceps make people’s mouths water and as for my wide, defined back and rock hard glutes…well, all I can really say is that you won’t find any better and you know it. Don’t you also wonder – and be honest now – about what I’m packing down below too?

This is why you’re here. This is why Joshua Armstrong fascinates you so much. Because you know that if you’re looking for a alpha male with a handsome face, killer body and masculine, dominant persona – you’ve found the very best! You need look no further because I have everything you will ever need to keep you happy, turned on and ultimately, totally satisfied both mentally and physically! If you’re looking for a video full of pure masculinity plus my special kind of sexual power and domination…I suggest you watch this new piece of work right now….yes..I said RIGHT NOW!

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