I have a feeling that the image we have of Santa isn’t really accurate. I mean to say, how can someone who looks so unfit manage to spend the entire night delivering gifts and presents to everyone on Earth? How could just a few reindeer and a small sleigh get him around on Christmas Eve? Now, if you ask me I’d say that Father Christmas has to spend alot of time in the gym to make sure he’s up to the job on the night of December 24th! I think that under that red outfit, there’s plenty of solid, ripped, hard muscle just waiting to be used. Lifting those sacks and carrying all those presents needs alot of strength. He needs big, round juicy pecs! He needs big, pumped boulder shoulders! He needs big, solid biceps of steel! To be honest, he needs the kind of adonis-like frame that your favourite Muscle God Joshua Armstrong has! I actually think that this has been on your mind for a while…because it’s definitely been on mine! “Santa Josh” – it does have a certain ring to it!

What would you give to wake up in the small hours between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and see the sexiest Santa ever standing at the foot of your bed? Not only that, but this Santa with his cheeky smile and rippling abs has some presents for you that you won’t want to send back on Boxing Day! If you’re lucky, he may still even be with you then, making sure you’ve got the biggest smile on your face that would light up his way back to the North Pole. That is of course, if he wants to go back at all…

Check out this latest video made especially for the “Season of Goodwill to All Men”. See just how far Josh will go to make sure this particular lad has plenty of good will(y) to keep him happy well into 2016!

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