In my opinion, it’s not people or politicians who bring the World together. For me, the greatest “Good Will Ambassador” we have in this life is Sport. You only have to look at any football match on a Saturday afternoon here in the UK to see how the power of sport unites us in success or defeat. On a worldwide scale, huge tournaments like Wimbledon, the US Open, the World Cup or the Ryder Cup are amazing examples of the power of sport over the Human Race. We love to be close to our heroes, cheer them on, sometimes even pretend we ARE them! I’ve been captivated by sport for many years now and have enjoyed the thrill of participating and of course watching many great tournaments from all over the World.

One of the greatest spectacles in my opinion is the Rugby World Cup and in recent years, it has captured the World’s excitement and imagination. These lads are more than players – they are WARRIORS! Their resolve is carved in stone as are their amazing physiques! Their team spirit is second to none and their dedication to their sport and their fitness is unbeatable! Their strength and power takes your breath away and when it comes to their muscles, I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that they have to be the fittest of all sportsmen. Like your favourite Muscle God here, they spend hours in the gym perfecting their already exceptional bodies. Their tight kit does nothing to hide their hugely pumped pectoral muscles, their boulder shoulders and their round hard glutes. Watching sport is a pleasure with these lads for so many reasons and it makes me realise that my own godlike frame is as amazingly spectacular as theirs!

That’s why this latest video really allowed me to explore my own thoughts of being a world class rugby player! It explores what goes on all the time…a special fan who watches his idol on the pitch and dreams of talking to him, being invited into his hotel room and…well…I think you really need to see this before I give anymore away!

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