We live in a digital age. At any time of the day and night, everything is available to us. I work in two industries that are heavily reliant on Computers, IT and Social Media. It’s how our World works these days and we are all involved in it.

As I said, EVERYTHING is available to us. This video request really made me realise that! A lad decides he wants some hard pumped muscle. He goes onto the Internet. He orders the biggest hunk he can find. A man with the looks and body he needs for a day, night or even week of masculine pleasure! Who does he ask to be delivered to his door…ALPHA MUSCLEBEAST JOSHUA ARMSTRONG of course! He finds my body irrresistible! My gym-trained muscles are pumped and ready for him to explore and enjoy. My entire masculine frame screaming for attention and worship. Every godlike inch ordered and delivered for mutual pleasure and satisfaction.

Watch this new addition to my video collection – see exactly what a MAIL ORDER HUNK can do for you!

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