There are many reasons for building a body like mine. First and foremost, it’s for ME and my own sense of satisfaction and achievement. I believe I reach those goals every time I hit the gym and of course, I know my body gives a lot of people a lot of pleasure too. That makes me feel so good and I want that to continue for a very long time!

As my videos show, my physique gives me alot of sexual satisfaction and sometimes I want to personally pass that on to someone very special – someone who really appreciates all this muscle and all the hard work I put in to making it even bigger and better!

This new video shows you just how I do that. I take my lad on a special tour of my body. No part is left untouched; PECS, ABS, SHOULDERS, BACK and SO MUCH MORE! I show him exactly how to pleasure a real man…what me to show you too?

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