I am the ultimate MUSCLEGOD. My physique has been meticulously sculptured and crafted through years of toil and hard work in the gym. I know that every part of my body is admired by so many people. My gigantic pectorals scream out for worship. My shredded abdominals and obliques demand respect. My boulder shoulders are usually only dreamt of by lesser men and my muscular back and tight, rock hard glutes are pure masculine beauty. But there’s another part of this adonis-like frame that craves, needs and expects attention too. My big, juicy BULGE!

In this video, my boy is given the amazing opportunity to worship the ultimate sign of my masculinity. Not only to worship it but to submit to it until it completely conquers him and we are both left totally satisfied! If you want to see exactly what happens then this video is definitely for you! Take a look now and experience pure manly power and essence!

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