I like role-play. No. Let me correct that…I LOVE roleplay! I’ve played many roles – tradesmen, school teachers, superheroes..and every one of them I’ve enjoyed because it feeds your fantasy and ends up satisfying everyone, including this MUSCLEGOD! They give me the perfect excuse to show off my amazing physique… 🙂

This request for role-play really had me intrigued! My lad needs saving and only this SUPERSPY “James Bond” type can do it! My anatomy and intelligence are the only things that can give him his freedom from his captors and one body part in particular might just save the day! It’s my huge, thick, muscular pectorals that will help me to conquer this dastardly evil…but will they be enough?

If you want to see some real slow seduction using my magnificent chest muscles and my totally domineering attitude then I suggest you watch this video now..

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