I am by nature a confident person. Even before I started bodybuilding, I was always the kind of kid who stood in a room with a cheeky smile and a twinkle in his eye! As I grew older, my body grew and so did my confidence! I am always on top of my game, always the one who commands attention wherever he goes and always the one in control of any situation life wants to throw at me! I’m JOSHUA ARMSTRONG, the UK’s greatest MUSCLEGOD and you know as well as I do that I’m a man in charge of my own destiny and more often than not..yours too.

The body I’ve built puts me above so many other men. Huge shoulders and pecs give me a stature most can only dream of. When I take off my shirt and my shredded abs are on show, it takes people’s breath away. Good looks and a strong, dominant nature just add to my confidence and the word ‘vulnerability” isn’t in my vocabulary. Or…is it? Could there ever be a situation when I realise that maybe my own vulnerability could be called into question? This new video explores that situation but I don’t really want to discuss it anymore here; if I share this secret.. this idea of being “VULNERABLE IN A JOCK”.. it’s just between you and me….ok?

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