I welcome every new experience that comes into my life as I want to be the best I can be in everything! Sometimes it’s not apparent at the time because some lessons are hard to learn but I have discovered that easy or harsh, they all make you a better person. I want to learn, grow and develop into the best human being I can be and up to now, I’ve done a pretty good job! You only have to look at Joshua Armstrong to know that! My physique will tell you alot about me, as if you didn’t already know; I’m dedicated, hardworking and strive for excellence! My muscles are toned, pumped and HUGE and that’s all down to the hard graft I put in every day in the “Iron Palace”. Enormous pecs and shredded abs don’t just appear – they have to be worked for as do massive biceps and boulder shoulders! I have learned this through my own experiences and it makes me wonder…what could I teach you..?

Just imagine what an experience with Josh would be like? Training with me..working with me..perhaps even, something more intimate with me. I think that each and every one of those things would enhance your life no end! My latest video will prove this to you because the lad who requested it desired and ached for the full “Joshua Armstrong Experience” and boy oh boy, does he get it! He was thrilled at how things played out and I have a feeling that you will be too! Come along and experience Josh as his most pumped and vascular! Im telling you right now, you will not regret it!

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