There’s no getting away from this simple, solid fact: Joshua Armstrong is one imposing specimen of male masculinity! I mean to say…just LOOK at me! I am the epitome of what a man should be like in every way possible! Listen, I’m not being arrogant..I’m just being honest and I know you agree with me! Decent looks with a killer, pumped physique and a controlling and domineering attitude that exceeds every other male around! Let’s just remind ourselves of one other thing…

…I can do what the FUCK I like!

A man like me, full of self-confidence and power doesn’t need to ask permission of anyone for anything. I am in total control of my own life and nothing can stop me! I know this is one of the reasons you are here – because you need a man like me in your life. Someone to lead the way, take charge of your very existence and show you how to be a real man! I like surrounding myself with people who admire and respect me..damn right too! When I’m in the gym or at work or just walking down the street, people look and admire Josh! My physical presence is something extremely powerful and alluring; imagine being near to these dinner plate pecs! Imagine seeing these shredded abs up close! Just think of how you would feel if you were able to reach out and stroke these huge, pumped guns! If you’re good, I might just let you do that..but be warned, it’s a privilege I give only to those who truly deserve my attention. I NEED to be admired….worshipped….made a fuss of….reckon you can handle that? Reckon you can handle ME?

There’s a new video on my website that I think you need to watch if you really feel you can take on this MUSCLEGOD! I think you need to start 2016 as you mean to go on – by WORSHIPPING ME – and this would be the perfect start! Take care of me and I may just take care of you. It really depends on how good a job you do…doesn’t it…BOY!

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