You see him. He catches your eye. He looks amazing. His clothes show the form of a man who looks after himself. The tightness of his shirt clings to his pecs, shoulders and abs. He’s handsome too. He’s already in your deepest thoughts of pleasure. Could he ever be yours…? Could you ever be his?

Sounds familiar? I’m sure it does. It happens to everyone. That sudden swell of desire when you see someone who really turns you on. It’s a totally primal feeling – the desire and wanting of someone in every possible way. Wherever you are and whenever it happens, it’s impossible to ignore. It starts with the pure physical attraction and develops into so much more! When a man of muscle like JOSHUA ARMSTRONG catches your eye and you his, he knows exactly what you are thinking! You want the clothes off and the muscles on show. Large, muscular pectorals. Deeply shredded abdominals. Long hard laterals and bulging biceps. It’s all there for you but are you a good enough man to deserve it? Are you worthy of this muscle?

You’d better check out this video to find out if this lad was the slaveboy he truly needed to be..and the slaveboy I truly needed him to be too..

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