Many of you may not realise this but bodybuilding is far more than just lifting heavy lumps of iron! Not only is it good for the physique as you can see from my adonis-like frame, but it is also mentally beneficial too! Psychologically it steers you towards a clear and concise frame of mind and gives you the confidence to tackle any problem that may come along! Going to the gym is a workout for both the mind and the body and that is extremely important considering the tough and stressful lives we all live today.

Building a great body is something that you might want to explore if you haven’t started already! I’m here to motivate and inspire you and let’s be honest…if you aren’t motivated by this awesome body I’ve built over the past 12 years then nothing could ever get you into a gym! The feeling you get during a tough workout is incredible and the sense of achievement you will feel afterwards is indescribable. This new video will go some way towards showing you how you might feel if like JOSHUA, you are completely “PUMPED TO FUCK”! Bulging PECS, BICEPS, TRAPS and more are on display for you as is my total ALPHA MALE attitude and hypnotic power! Click the link below and watch the video…come and feel as amazing as I do!

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