I like to think that everything happens for a reason and for a GOOD reason too! From my own personal life experiences there is no way that it all happens by coincidence! Here’s a great example; when I was younger and started going to the gym, I was surrounded by pure inspiration! It wasn’t just luck that put me in that area to go to that gym and to be helped and encouraged by so many great people – it was meant to be! It put me on the path I now find myself walking and it drilled into me the mindset that makes JOSHUA ARMSTRONG the man he is today! Without that initial help which may not have happened elsewhere, I may not have built this big, muscular body – imagine that! I truly believe these shredded abs, pecs of steel and bulging biceps are a product of not only my own hard work but of also being in the right place at the right time all those years ago. Fate was at hand back then for sure – I was always meant to be the UK’s greatest MUSCLEGOD and now I am!

This video deals with the subject of FATE! Just imagine constantly bumping into the same lad at different hotels whilst travelling around for work. It can’t just be coincidence, especially when we both have similar thoughts about each other and aren’t afraid to act on them! These thoughts though…wanna know what they are? You’re gonna have to watch this video to find out because I am saying no more right now

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