No one said it was going to be easy. No said it was going to be painless. But it’s only when you start getting involved in fitness and bodybuilding that you realise just how much of a commitment and struggle it can be. They call it “working out” for good’s bloody hard work and often feels like a job all of it’s own. The early mornings. The constant food preparation. The diet. The weights. The CV. THE PAIN! I know better than most that developing a body worthy of an alpha male like JOSHUA ARMSTRONG takes time, effort and above…GUTS! There’s NO easy way..but it’s worth it!

I was asked to make this video by a lad who obviously wants to take his training and his body to the next level. He’s seen me and wants what I have..amazing pecs, shredded abs, boulder shoulders and every other fantastically developed body part of this stunning MUSCLE GOD! I know I can motivate him in so many ways and be the best personal trainer he will ever find! If you want to know just how far I will have to go to ensure that I get the job and convince him that I’m the right man for his requirements .. well then . .you know what you have to do! Watch this video now!

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