I travel an awful lot in both my jobs. I have to stay in hotels much of the time and invariably I see the same people who are in the same situation as me. Sometimes, I am VERY happy to see some of those familiar faces and on a few occasions they are lucky enough to see A LOT more than just your favourite MUSCLEGOD’s smiling face! Understand what I’m telling you?

This video sets that scenario into motion and I was very happy to bring a few personal experiences into the world of your fantasies! A familiar face – and body – seems to be very close to my hotel room on this particular trip! I know this individual loves my muscular physique and is always very appreciative of my massively pumped PECS and cut glass ABS! Boulder SHOULDERS and peaking BICEPS are also on the menu in this encounter and he loves to see how I’ve progressed since our last meeting! Wanna know what happens when “I’M JUST NEXT DOOR”? Then click then link below

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