Are you happy with your own company? Or do you prefer someone around all the time? I guess it depends on the situation we may find ourselves in. Let’s talk about it a bit more..

I’m more than happy to help people with their training and diet when I have the time but when I go to the gym solely to train, I only want one person’s company…MY OWN! I have a job to do there and I need to get on with it! I wanna build bigger pecs, bigger shoulders, bigger arms…bigger everything in to be honest! I can’t get more shredded and pumped when someone is jabbering in my ear! Putting in my earphones helps as then I’m in my own little world and I don’t have to be dealing with inferior, smaller gym people! The odd scowl helps sometimes too.. hehe 😉 I need to have 100% concentration and don’t need the help or company of others there at all! But when I’ve finished and I head home, sometimes that situation might change…

…which brings me onto my new video! I’m home from work and the gym which have both been awesome but I find myself feeling a bit lonely and needing some company. I give someone a call. Maybe that someone is YOU. Would you like to stay for a while, just you and me? Maybe..take a look at my adonis like physique? Who knows where this could end….

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