SIGHT. HEARING. TASTE. SMELL. TOUCH. Our greatest gifts. It’s how we exist as human beings and these senses give us so much! I don’t have to tell you just how important they are in our lives in every single way and I do mean…every..single.. way! In this line of work I rely on you using every single sense you have to enjoy what I do for you. Seeing my amazing adonis-like frame…hearing my sexy accent through either webcam or video…smelling that special scent when you are excited by my powerful pectorals or rock hard gluts. Imagine how good I would taste too, covered in sweat and oils! It’s a never ending joy to me that you have the ability to do all that!

But it’s the sense of TOUCH that is key right now! It’s exactly what this video is all about. There I am..JOSH..standing in front of my willing lad, muscles pumped to fuck and ripped to shreds! My hands explore every inch of my godly physique and that boy just cannot wait to get in on the act! Thing is…will I let that happen? I’m the one in charge here and if you want to see how this goes then all I can suggest is that you watch this video now! It was a joy for me to make it and even more of a joy for you to watch!

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