Isn’t it awesome to let your mind wander to places where our lives are amazingly glamorous and super-exciting too! Places where we could be superheroes, spacemen or spies with lives full of intrigue, espionage and mind-blowing decisions that ordinary people just wouldn’t understand! I love those fantasies of time-travel, space exploration and undercover dealings and thanks to your own suggestions I’ve been lucky enough to play some fantastic characters!

My amazing physique allows me to carry off those roles with power and masculinity! Having built supersize shoulders and pecs together with cut-glass abs and thick, hard lats I can become anyone you want me to be and really look the part! This particular video has become one of my very favourites! I get to play a real “James Bond” type character, tattered and torn, having escaped from his captors and ready for his “DEBRIEFING”! You are going to love this entire scenario and my suggestion to you it now

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