We all know about SEX. It’s human nature. But what about SENSUAL SEX? How does one thing become the other? I believe that having the right equipment definitely helps! With the kind of muscle that I possess it’s pretty easy to turn a good session into one of pure sexual sensuality! Pumped body, beautiful symmetry, well worked out pecs and cut-glass abs…need I say more? Who would want to rush things when the slow and sensual approach to pleasuring a great body like mine is an option? When JOSHUA ARMSTRONG is around, you can guarantee that a sexual encounter will be one you’ll never forget!

It’s also what can be used in a mammoth session that can increase the sensuality of the moment! As well as all the amazing fetishes that are out there and that you often discuss with me, this video explores how a certain item of protection can be used to make sex an extra amazing experience. Let’s get really intimate here and slip on something that will compliment every other inch of my body and which I use to my full advantage…you wont be disappointed with the results…

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