Attitude! It’s all about attitude! No matter what I do or how I act, I give it ATTITUDE! My powerful, superior stature and dominating physique allows me to do what I want, when I want. Who the fuck is gonna stop me eh?

I realised a long time ago that my adonis-like body gives me the strength and confidence to take what I want, whenever I want it. The way I dress displays the body of a Greek God and you love it! Dinner-plate sized slabs of meaty pectoral muscles stand out firm and proud against any shirt I wear. My boulder shoulders are hugged and caressed by the material as are my bulging biceps! My abs are often visible through any top I chose to wear and my quads are thick and solid inside my trousers as are my defined and well trained calves! I am the ultimate MUSCLEGOD and you are mine!

Watch this latest video and see exactly what I’m talking about. My mouth is filthy, my actions dominating and my attitude is one that cannot be ignored. You LOOK and STARE and you ACHE for me. But are you worthy of getting everything that’s hidden inside this scally boy’s underwear? Have a look and see for yourself…

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