It’s been said that as we grow older, we also grow in confidence and worldliness. I think there’s a certain amount of truth in that statement with regards to the latter, especially as more life experiences lead to better decisions and understandings of many situations we can find ourselves in. But when it comes to confidence and this is from a purely personal point of view, I can’t really agree because as far back as I can remember I’ve always had the confidence to do exactly what I’ve wanted and needed to do!

I was always pretty forthright as a kid and never took any nonsense from anyone at all! I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s down to DNA and how we’re all individually made. I’ve always been a leader since those days and nothing has changed. When I was 14 years old and decided I wanted to start lifting weights, I just walked into my local gym as bold as brass, told the owner what I was all about and even though I was below the age limit, he let me join because he could see the determination and passion I already had for bodybuilding! I went as often as I could, mostly after school and weekends and although every other person there was older than me it never, ever put me off training! In fact, it encouraged me to work out even harder because I wanted and needed to be bigger and better than the other bodybuilders there and after a while with alot of hard work, determination and desire… I was! That just made my confidence grow even more, seeing how my physique was so much better than theirs! It got to the stage where I had maxed out every machine and had to move onto somewhere bigger and better! They were sorry to see me go because I was an inspiration to so many but I had to think of my own progress and future because as always, I wanted to be as successful as possible. That’s how I am – singled minded with my eye on the prize!

All this pushed my confidence to even stronger and greater levels! Going from gym to gym, growing bigger and bigger, leaving everyone behind, knowing that I was the BEST! Some people would call that attitude cocky but I don’t give a fuck because I know that they would love to be in my shoes with a body like mine. Confidence is often mistaken for arrogance but listen to me..when you have the guns, the pecs and the abs that I have built, there’s no way that you cannot feel superior to others! It’s pretty simple really – Joshua Armstrong is a massive MUSCLEGOD who commands respect wherever he goes and gets whatever he wants, whenever he wants!

This new video was created with all this in mind. I’m more than happy to be the cocky muscle stud my lad wants and needs me to be. He loves every inch of me and I demand the powerful WORSHIPPING I know he needs to give to me! Things get hot, things get sweaty, things get intense! I know you’re aching to find out what happens next but you’re gonna have to watch and see for yourself because I am saying nothing more..for now..

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