DECADENCE. The word conjures up thoughts of Ancient Greece or Rome doesn’t it! We’ve all see plenty of images of that on TV – orgies of people all over each other, sculptured body parts of utter perfection on show, total pleasuring of pecs, abs and everywhere else..pretty amazing! It makes me wonder – could there be such decadence in this day and age?

Perhaps not to such a degree but I’ve found out that it does indeed exist, especially in the minds of you, my loyal fans! From the amount of video requests I get from you asking for so many different scenarios, there are some incredible and imaginative decadent minds and thoughts out there and I love it! It makes me feel amazing to know that you can talk to me about such things and even ask me to create videos for you showing fetish and decadence in so many ways. Everything will considered as long as my awesome physique can be enjoyed by you..and me! You run your eyes over my anatomy..these boulder shoulders, traps, gluts..all of me..and it just seems to encourage you to open your mind to me and tell me your deepest and darkest desires!

I recently shot a video that shows decadence in all it’s glory! It may start off with Josh in his shower – something I know many of you really enjoy seeing – but then it takes a twist which will take even more of you to the brink of ecstasy! Wanna know more? Then give it a wont be disappointed!

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