I am always so happy to hear from you and to learn more of what turns you on. From the emails I receive I have also learned so much about desire, kink and fetishes and I love it all! I am becoming more and more open-minded thanks to your candid correspondence to me and believe me when I say that nothing is off limits. Please continue writing to me with your thoughts and video ideas because they fuel my own imagination to create amazing scenarios for you!

Sometimes your ideas are so detailed and involve so much that it’s possible to combine more than one fetish into your video for extra intensity and power! You know that I can handle this and you make no bones about what you want to happen! You love seeing this amazing body of mine working, flexing, posing and being worshipped. Once my huge pumped pecs and boulder shoulders are oiled and primed for action, you know that our mutual satisfaction is the only way that things can end. Shining shredded abs and glistening gluts can only mean one thing – JOSHUA ARMSTRONG is going to make you explode in sexual ecstasy! This new video is a prime example of just this – so I suggest you watch it right now! Pure, pumped, passionate power from your favourite MUSCLEGOD

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