CONTROL. POWER. DOMINATION. To an alpha male like me these words describe how I am in every aspect of my life. In and out of the gym, in and out of the bedroom… I am the one who has the strength and tenacity to do whatever I want to do and to get whatever I want to get. This incredible body is my biggest tool and I use it to do what the fuck I like! No one would argue with these pecs or biceps! Just one look at JOSHUA ARMSTRONG’s boulder shoulders and ripped abs sends out one single message….THIS MAN IS A MUSCLEGOD AND WILL BE SUBMITTED TO!

Now..this particular video demonstrates just how powerful and dominate I can be and also how much I love it! It’ll show you that I will use any means I can to get what I want and that my lad is more than happy to do anything I tell him in order to make me happy! I am a MUSCLE BEAST and demand the best service possible! If someone wants to enjoy this amazing physique then they have to know that they must do exactly as I say! Best watch this now and see exactly what happens…

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