Aggression, domination and poppers breath control

Just take a look at the title of this new video. It’s funny how the first two words come up with amazing regularity in your emails to me! The third – well, that can be the perfect tool to implement the first two and believe me, it enhances every feeling I get when I’m taking charge in my usual JOSHUA ARMSTRONG way! I know you’re not surprised as I know that’s one of the reasons you are here…to see me control and dominate and show just what a true ALPHA MALE can do!

I’m so pumped and shredded right now and I’m in the form of my life! Never has my body been so big, muscular and powerful! Just look at me…these pecs are huge, these abs are cut into my abdomen deeper than ever, my shoulders are boulderlike to the extreme! Check out my glutes, calves, lats….everything is trained to perfection and more Godlike than ever. I am the perfect example of male masculinity and just the man to give you what you want! Read the title of this video again then watch it over and over! See a real muscular hunk in action and also a real man full of aggression and domination who can give you exactly what you want!

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